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Passionate Counselling, meditation and Hypnotherapy practitioners.

Life’s challenges can seem complex.

Whether you're suffering from or feeling

- anxious, depressed, obsessive, addictions, pain, grieving, fearful

- wanting to reach a target weight, work, family, relationship goals

- rid of long term addiction, eating disorders, phobias 

- or just achieve more from your life,

we can help you work out what you want, determine the root cause of the issue, reframe it and then find a better way of thinking, living and being.

With the support and tailor made therapy precisely for your issues, we help you achieve your goals with clear focus and clarity with successful, lasting results.

Our therapists are fully qualified in  Counselling, Psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, Life coaching, Teaching, Meditation, Mindfulness and Fitness.

We take great care and pride in the welfare, progress and success of our clients and look forward to helping .

Contact us for a friendly, informal chat to find out more. 

Wheat Field

The Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy and Counselling Rapid change combination.

Make Life Changes today

This type of Rapid Transformational Therapy has phenomenal results with issues such as long term low confidence, low self worth, addictions/eating disorders/long term phobias/deeply engrained OCD/agoraphobia/unexplained infertility/Physical ailments-illness/chronic health conditions/pain management/depression/anxieties etc and long term unwanted behaviours which have held clients back for many years. 

Working with the subconscious mind, discovering the underlying reasons behind the unwanted behaviour and symptoms - the beliefs causing the action are reframed and replaced with new, healthy, helpful thoughts, emotions, actions and behaviours. A tailor made bespoke audio assists and compounds this new healthier lifestyle.  

What's available ? 

A 2 hour Counselling/Psychotherapy/Hypnotherapy combination session.This includes a

Bespoke audio to rewire and embed new behaviours and Support throughout the transformation journey from your therapist. £180 

One hour hypnotherapy: For simple issues a one hour sessions are available.

Priced at £80.

(Chat to one of our therapists to determine the best session for your needs).  

Counselling/Psychotherapy sessions: With practical advice and coaching to alter your negative thoughts to a helpful, thriving mindset that works with you and for you. 

Priced at £60 per session. 


This combination of therapies is slightly different to the 'usual' therapies.

We listen, offer practical applications to help with ways of becoming how you want to be, think and feel and support you every step of your journey.

Whether you choose counselling, hypnotherapy or a combination, our success rates are phenomenal. 

Short, mid and Long term goals can be easily achieved allowing you complete freedom and a new thriving mindset to live how you want to.

Relaxing by the Water

Schedule a Session or simply find out more...

No issue is too large or trivial for our professional and qualified team to work with. 

We're friendly, confidential, non judgemental and have been standing where you are now at some point in the past.

We get it, honest we do and we can help. Call for a chat to find out more.

Elisabeth House Business Centre (Suite 115),
28 Baddow Road,
Chelmsford, Essex, CM2 0DG


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About us...

With over 20 years of psychology, psychotherapy, counselling and teaching experience, we have the skillset, experience and expertise to help clients achieve life changing goals quickly and effectively with with permanent results.

Call us to have a chat about the various options available to see which type of therapy suits you best. 

Sarah Berry

BSc Science, (Hons), PGCE, QTS, MSc Psyc, Post Grad Dip. Counselling and Psychotherapy, Hypnotherapy Pratitioner Cert., Post Grad Dip Counselling for Children, Meditation, Mindfulness, Life Coach Practitioner. YMCA Gym instructor, Exercise to Music and antenatal instructor.